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How Hair Club Membership works


Why Ellora Hair?

We are a UK company with hair experts who have done all the hard work for you, ensuring quality control of all our products, partnering with reputable delivery companies to ensure accurate and speedy deliveries, without us going on Alibaba or a similar site will mean taking a gamble on quality, doing countless hours of research and establishing contacts! Whilst we are fortunate enough as a company to have done our due diligence so you can start making money with us.

How good is the hair?

Our hair is top of the range, we have truly sourced the best quality hair and as a company we are truly proud of that.  Our hair is silky, has natural, flowing movement and crucially does not shed or tangle.

What is The Hair Club benefits?

The hair industry is worth over $87Billion and is showing no signs of slowing down. We want to provide you with an opportunity to launch your business within 3 months. Your Ellora Hair Club membership includes:

No stock, no deliveries all from $250/£200! What’s the catch?

There is no catch! If you get large number of customers you can make hundreds and thousands and all Ellora Hair asks from you is the $250/£200 sign up fee before February. Our dropshipping model allows us to handle all the stock and deliveries with our reliable and reputable partners so you don’t have worry about that. The normal price for membership is $250/£200 after the 31st March 2020.

Why are prices in dollars?

Generally the hair business is priced in dollars and converted as the dollar is the worlds reserve currency, however once you click onto the prices we do convert the cost of pounds so you can get an accurate price of how much it will cost you using the currency you are most familiar with.

Do you do international shipping?

Of course! Though we are based in the UK we have partnered with international delivery companies and can ship orders worldwide giving you a larger customer pool.

Do I need to have experience/knowledge of the hair business?

Absolutely not! Our website will list all the products and images so all you need to do is set up a page with either Shopify or Instagram or even print the images to show your customers, create your price list and start selling. The customers pays you directly for the product and you then input the orders from your customers on our website and we ensure the products are shipped promptly to your customers.

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